GleanView aligns Sales, Marketing, and Service together into one unified platform.


From finding new business to managing existing accounts, GleanView gives your sales team the tools they need grow your revenue.

Unified Customer View

GleanView’s All-in-One platform allows everyone in your organization to have the same unified customer view in the same platform. This aligns your entire company around serving the customer's needs efficiently.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Most B2B sales teams cite long sales cycles as a major challenge in meeting sales quota. GleanView shortens the sales cycle with accessible prospect’s history to tailor sales conversations and move prospects through the sales funnel faster.

Increased Deal Size

The more your team knows about customers and prospects, the more they're able cross-sell and upsell, resulting in bigger deal sizes. GleanView's deep customer profile and analytics enables your team to anticipate customer needs before ever even picking up the phone.

Increased Conversion

Sales is a process, and the more your team follows that process, the more they will convert. GleanView provides the structure for them to always be focused on moving prospects through a pipeline that is customized for your sales process.

Improved Forecast Accuracy

Good business decisions require accurate sales forecasts. GleanView provides deep visibility into the sales pipeline and opportunity details which quickly produce accurate sales forecasts.

Better Sales Performance Management

One of the keys to improving sales performance is measurement. GleanView allows managers to easily compare quotes created, new accounts created, total phone time, number of emails sent, and sales within the sales team.


Transform the way you communicate with your customers using GleanView’s segmentation, automation, and analytics.

Decreased Customer Acquisition Cost

Growth depends on finding new customers. GleanView enables marketers to dive deep into customer analytics to identify the true cost of customer acquisition and the true revenue contribution of each customer segment.

Increased Marketing Productivity

The Automation tools in GleanView enable your marketing team to achieve big results with small teams. Customer and lead communication are streamlined across web and email channels, resulting in branding consistency.

Increased Marketing Agility

Modern marketers are constantly testing and refining campaign attributes to maximize response and conversion. GleanView gives your team the ability to quickly build, test, and deploy marketing assets.

Increased Lead Generation

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of B2B organizations. GleanView's automation features and attribution analytics enable you to determine the best-performing customer segments and capture more of those leads through targeting.

Better Lead Management

The ability to efficiently manage leads has a dramatic effect on a company's bottom line. GleanView includes a complete suite of automation tools that allow your team to segment, distribute, and nurture leads at scale.


Create a truly exceptional customer experience by getting your service team literally on the same page (in GleanView) as sales and marketing.

Better Customer Service

Giving your team one centralized view of your customers will result in a superior customer experience. GleanView gives every team member a complete view of every customer interaction, from first web visit or phone call to most recent purchase.

Higher Retention Rates

When customers receive excellent customer service, they always come back. By using the insights and automations in GleanView, you can synchronize the communications with your customers around highly relevant and personalized messages.

Simplified Interface

GleanView is a cloud-based, single platform for all of your sales, marketing, and customer service functions. This eliminates the need to train your team members on multiple systems and multiple interfaces.

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