May 26, 2017, Jacksonville, FL – GleanView, an all-in-one, cloud-based sales and marketing platform that features CRM, marketing automation, and advanced analytics, earned the accolade of one of “The Top 20 Most User-friendly” in the Marketing Automation Software category on Capterra, a marketing advisory business. Almost 400 Marketing Automation solutions listed on Capterra were considered.

Capterra, a highly reputable online service that helps millions of people find the best business software, conducted an in-depth study to distinguish top Marketing Automation Software pertaining to excellence in usability. GleanView is listed among the most user-friendly Marketing Automation systems as measured by a combination of their usability, customer service offerings, and customer reviews.

“Capterra’s research team recently released an infographic that ranks the top 20 most user-friendly marketing automation solutions,” said Rachel Wille, Senior Product Research Analyst at Capterra. “The research team tests marketing automation software, then determines their user-friendliness score, which is determined by a formula that consists of ease of use, customer service offered and average review ratings. GleanView, with a perfect review score, made the top 20.”

GleanView features an engaging interface and a powerfully organized look and feel. Manual data entry is virtually eliminated, giving sales teams more time to focus on their customers. In addition to its interface, GleanView is also known for ease of customization, which makes its sophisticated account and process-driven CRM appealing to users. GleanView offers a solution to align marketing, sales, and service on a single platform, which considerably simplifies the work of its users. The company’s performance in customer service is also a key excellence indicator.

About GleanView

GleanView is an innovative software company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, that offers a cloud-based CRM+Marketing solution designed to help businesses better manage their sales and marketing processes. GleanView’s mission is to help customers become more productive, proactive, and competitive, equipping them with tools and automations needed to turn insights into valuable customer relationships.

About Capterra

Capterra is the world’s most comprehensive, free web service to help you find and compare software for your business. More than 3 million businesses use Capterra each month to search for their best-fit solutions. As part of the Gartner Digital Markets network, Capterra combines over 200,000 user reviews of more than 30,000 software companies to help you find the right software quickly, allowing your business to operate more efficiently.