10. You feel like you’ve already contributed enough to the Salesforce tower building fund.


9. Pricing is straightforward, transparent and freakin amazing


8. In the ultimate display of commitment to his craft, James, our lead developer, legally changed his last name to Cache


7. Your company is B2B and you need software that is built for Account Based Everything.  Don’t worry, GleanView gets it.


6. Your Salesforce admin needs something that’s actually Easy to do for a change


5. Your customers are tired of the print, sign and scan routine for your PDF quotes

4. Your marketing team is excited about automation and let’s face it, they deserve something nice


3. Your biz dev team is grinding away every day and could use some automation in their lives


2. You need software that REALLY integrates with Salesforce, not that Fake News integration that other companies have.


1. GleanView’s suite is like a box of chocolates.  So many choices and they are all so yummy!



Bonus Reasons:

• The crazy backstory of the company and our CEO — from jet engines to playgrounds to software. Check it out when you get a chance

• There’s a built in hack that allows you to add unlimited basic users for FREE – shhhh! Don’t tell anyone

• Glean is a cool word. We like it so much, we added it to all of our product names — see what we did there?


We know what you’re  thinking – the list isn’t serious enough — you need some ROI stats and some Case Studies and some Vanity Metrics about GleanView.

And while we agree that those things can be important (and we have them all if you need them), at this point, we just want to have a person to person discussion with you about how GleanView might be able to help with your company’s pain points.

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