Software isn’t made for the average business.   It’s either focused on enterprise solutions or small business tools, with not much in between.  Enterprise software is powerful, but it’s too complicated and too expensive. Software geared towards small business is affordable, but it’s too limited in functionality and not scalable.  Software companies have forgotten the average small to medium sized business (SMB) and left them metaphorically with the choice of either a Ferrari or a go-cart.

This void in the marketplace defines the mission of GleanView.  As power users and developers of all types of business software, we know the pain is real.  We feel it ourselves as buyers of software and we hear it in the stories of our future customers everyday.  The average business customer (ourselves included) just want software that is Easy, Powerful and Affordable.  So, that’s exactly how we made GleanView.


Great software has to be frictionless throughout the entire customer experience.  

It has to be Easy to Try.  

GleanView Free, our 100% Free – Everything’s Included – No expiration free plan includes every single feature of all of our products.  It only takes about 1 minute to create your free account from our website. It’s a no-hassle way to try our complete family of products with no feature limitations. Keep it for as long as you like – it’s on us.

It has to be Easy to Buy.  

Once you’ve created your GleanView Free account, you can sign up for a paid plan with a few simple clicks at any time.  No need to talk to sales or jump through hoops – it’s completely self-service and you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.  No contracts and no setup fees.

It has to be Easy to Use.  

The most innovative software in the world is worthless if you  can’t figure out how to use it. Usability is a prime focus for GleanView and we spend endless hours making sure our interface is user-friendly even for non-technical users.   And if you can’t intuitively figure something out from our interface, then our knowledge base has the collective expertise of our entire company at your fingertips.



Great software has to be powerful enough to make your job significantly easier.  

It has to Automate.

Automation powers growth. GleanView’s 500 gleanbot power (gp) automation engine takes care of the tedious, repetitive tasks that can bog down the sales and marketing process.  Auto-calendar booking, Sequences, Auto-prospecting and Auto-email logging all put time back in the sales person’s day. On the marketing side, Automatic Campaigns, Auto-Lead Assignment and Auto-WebID Prospecting allow you to put your marketing on autopilot. It’s like having 500 gleanbots working to make your job easier.

It has to Illuminate.

Data by itself is worthless.  It must be actionable and provide insight to be valuable. GleanView condenses sales and marketing data down to it’s actionable essence and displays it in a way that illuminates the best next steps.  And it’s not just for managers. Every user of GleanView can access meaningful analytics data to guide their actions.

It has to Scale.

Software built specifically for very small business will never scale. There’s no doubt you’re going to grow when you start using GleanView.  Don’t worry. GleanView can handle it. We built our platform to easily handle 1-1000 users or 1-500,000 contacts per client. Not only that, but you can start small with a lower cost and scale up anytime.



Great software has to be affordable enough for any business to get immediate value.

It has to be Ready to Use.

Set-up, implementation and onboarding should take days, not months. GleanView’s intuitive interface and extensive support resources helps your team start engaging more customers and start closing more deals faster.  Many other software companies require thousands of dollars spent on IT, consultants and implementation experts before your team can even start using it. And even then, you probably will require a full time admin/developer to maintain it.  GleanView is ready to use on day one and is easy to adapt to new needs on day one hundred.

It has to have Flexible Plans.

Forced long term contracts and limited plan options are huge sources of frustration for the average software buyer.  GleanView offers the most flexible software platform on earth. All of our plans are monthly, with an option to prepay annually for a discount.  With our modular product platform, you can easily add or subtract features and upgrade or downgrade limits at any time. There are hundreds of different combinations of features and limits  — all very affordable and none locking you into something you may not need.

It has to be Reasonably Priced.

And we’re not just talking about an entry level price for the smallest plan. If you’re planning on growing, you need software that is going to reasonably scale in price as your needs scale.  With GleanView, you can start absolutely Free and scale to 10 or 50 times your current size while still spending a relatively small amount on the software that is helping you grow. GleanView does not have any set-up or onboarding fees and our modular pricing ensures you only pay for what you need when you need it.

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