Turn anonymous website visitors into leads

GleanLeads enables you to automatically identify the companies that visit your site, find decision makers at those companies and turn them into warm leads.

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Capture detailed data about every visitor

Get the complete picture of every visit, including:

  • Pages viewed
  • Number of visits
  • Time on each page
  • Source of visit
  • Device and browser of visitor
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Automatically identify the companies behind your ideal visitors

Not every visitor is meaningful. Some breeze in and bounce right back out and don’t exhibit strong engagement. Specify the behavior of your ideal visitor and our Gleanbots will sift through all our your website traffic and identify the companies behind the matches.

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Automatically enrich profiles and find ideal prospect accounts

Every identified company profile is automatically enriched with important data including:

  • Revenue
  • Employee Count
  • Date Founded
  • Industry Codes (SIC, NAICS)
  • Social Profiles

Specify your ideal customer profile and matching companies will be delivered to your team as new accounts with all of the browsing history and enriched profile data attached.

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Automatically find decision
makers at ideal accounts

Company profiles by themselves are not actionable. Specify the profile or you ideal decision maker and matching contacts with name, email, social profiles and phone number will be automatically added to your ideal accounts so your biz dev or sales team can go after them.

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Get enhanced visitor insights

In addition to turning website visitors into leads, you can also use the enhanced visitor insight data from GleanLeads to develop a composite visitor profile, not only in terms of behavior, but also in terms of firmographic details like revenue and employee count. This information can be used to determine if your marketing is attracting the right prospects.

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Like all GleanView products, GleanLeads integrates directly with Salesforce. Once GleanLeads identifies and enriches website visitors, you can have them automatically assign to your team and synch back into Salesforce as Accounts / Contacts.

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Don’t already have a CRM or looking to make a switch? GleanSell is our own full cycle B2B sales solution that natively integrates with any other GleanView product.

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