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Email Builder

Create professional, fully responsive emails without needing html coding

  • Personalize subject lines and email body using merge fields
  • Preview and test mode allow you to make sure every detail is perfect before sending
  • Drag and Drop Visual Builder and Pre Designed Templates make creating great looking emails easy


Automate email marketing using our multi-step campaign builder

  • Advanced logic for branching based on actions or attributes
  • Nine campaign step options include Email, Wait, Create Task, Notify, Move, Field Branch, Activity Branch, Update, Assign
  • Pause and Edit live campaigns and Resume when ready

Campaign Analytics

Get insight into email campaign performance using advanced analytics

  • Track overall campaign opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces in real time
  • View campaign engagement at the contact level
  • List management functions such as unsubscribes, removal due to hard-bounce, and resends for soft-bounces are handled automatically


Automatically create new leads in GleanView when someone submits a form on your website.

  • Use assignment rules for automatic and intelligent lead distribution
  • Integrate your online shopping cart to have web orders log under existing accounts in GleanView
  • Sophisticated entity matching rules for form submissions prevent duplicate accounts. If a form submission is matched against an existing account, it is simply logged as an additional form submission for that account, rather than creating a whole new duplicate account.

Automated Assignments

  • GleanView allows you to automate and customize your leads assignment using multiple criteria


Segment customers based on attributes and actions for reporting and campaigns

  • Easily create segments of any object including accounts, contacts, opportunities and projects based on any attribute or activity (web visits, email opens, etc)
  • Use segments to send highly targeted email campaigns
  • Use segments for reporting to compare key performance indicators across different objects. For example, compare conversion rates for leads from companies with $10-$50M in revenue in FL against leads from companies with $50-$100M in revenue in AZ

Interaction Tracking

Automatically track and log every digital customer interaction

  • Track and log every website visit from known and unknown contacts
  • Identify company information about anonymous website visitors that have not filled out a form using reverse ip lookup technology
  • Roll-up digital engagement metrics for multiple contacts at the same company at the opportunity and account level


Optimize your marketing spend using detailed attribution modeling

  • Determine which lead sources are driving revenue
  • Drill down to the keyword level to optimize PPC and SEO efforts
  • Utilize different models such as first touch, last touch, and multi-touch attribution with the click of a button

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