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Core Features

Account-based database that includes a robust toolset to easily manage customer and prospect information.


  • Dashboard
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • User Management
  • Saved Custom Views
  • Roles/Permissions
  • Assignment Rules
  • Tags
  • Bulk Edit
  • Bulk Import
  • Bulk Export

Website Analytics

Track website performance across multiple dimensions


  • Multiple Domains
  • Visitor Source Attribution

Visitor ID Rules

Use advanced behavioral and firmographic filtering to determine which website visitors to identify and which identified companies to import as new accounts.


Automatically find and assign contacts that fit your ideal buyer persona at identified website visitor companies.

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" Everyone in the company now has a unified view of the customer, from their first visit to our website, to their most recent phone or email interaction with one of our team members. Having this common, customer data platform has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and become more efficient at serving our customers."

Noah Margulies

GM of BYO Recreation



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