Includes everything in the CoreCRM plus a suite of automation tools that will take your team to the next level.

Website and Email Activity Tracking

Track prospect activity across your website and emails. See every web page they visited and every email they opened or clicked. Get notified in real time when a hot prospect is back on your website, opening the door for your team to follow up.

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Sequences are automated, predefined sales activity steps with email templates and call scripts that enable a repeatable and scalable sales process. Think of them like sales playbooks that automatically guide your team to persistent and consistent follow-up.

How Sequences Work:

Specify your auto-enrollment criteria for contacts to enter the sequence.
Then define a series of touchpoints (calls, emails, social) that are auto-populated on each sales person’s calendar.
Each day, when the sales person is ready, the auto-task player queues each task up with your pre-defined templates or scripts for that step.
All activity is tracked and auto-logged.
Nothing ever falls through the cracks and there is always a next step.
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Keep everything running smoothly

Use automation rules to keep your sales process at peak efficiency. Automate assignment of new leads, creation of new opportunities, reporting, notifications of neglected accounts -- keep your sales team focused on closing deals, not logging information.

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Automate booking meetings and phone calls

No more going back and forth to find the a time that works for a meeting or phone call. Let your contacts find a time on your calendar convenient for them using a convenient booking page that keeps track of all of your open times automatically.

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Advanced Analytics

Use advanced analytics to track and compare sales activity across over 20 Key Performance Indicators

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Visualize account and opportunity conversion rates and deal velocity using advanced filters

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How to Automate Sales using GleanView Sequences

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