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Sequence Automation

The sales version of automated campaigns. Essentially a predefined series of sales touchpoints which could include calls, emails meetings and wait periods. New contacts get automatically enrolled in the sequence and corresponding tasks get automatically added to the account owner’s calendar for followup. Perfect for outreach sales development.

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  •   Email
  •   Accounts
  •   Contacts
  •   Tags
  •   Roles/Permissions
  •   Assignment Rules
  •   Bulk Edit
  •   Bulk Import
  •   Merge
  •   Bulk Export
  •   Activity History
  •   Website Tracking
  •   Multiple Domain Tracking
  •   Web to Lead
  •   Custom Fields
  •   Customizable Layouts
  •   Account/Contact Bulk Import
  •   Calendar
  •   Teams
  •   Note/Call/Meeting Logging
  •   Sales Email Sender
  •   Sales Email Tracking
  •   Sales Email Templates
  •   Dashboards
  •   Sequences
  •   Sequence Analytics
  •   Task Management
  •   Book Time on My Calendar
  •   Auto Email/Phone Logging
  •   BCC Email Logging
  •   Real Time Notifications
  •   Multiple Company Entities
  •   Parent/Child Accounts
  •   Gmail Integration
  •   O365 Integration
  •   Account Analytics
  •   Sales Activity Analytics
  •   Pipeline Analytics
  •   Workflow Automation
  •   Product Catalog
  •   Product Bulk Import
  •   Manufacturers
  •   Multi-Tier Price Lists
  •   Projects
  •   Quotes
  •   Opportunities

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Gleanview helps us take the repetitive, manual work out of the sales

"Our Sales & Marketing Team now have an easy-to-use CRM solution that helps us generate, track, and manage our leads and sales pipeline more effectively. It helps us take the repetitive, manual work out of the sales process and ensures we stay organized and ahead of our competition."

Kolee Hodgson

Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Ingersoll Machine Tools

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