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Automatically connect detailed website visit history to individual accounts and contacts with the GleanView Tracker.

Understand where each lead is in the buyer’s journey

Every lead has a story and each website visit is a page in that story. Put them all together and you can get a good idea of why a lead is interested in your company and how far along they are in the buying process.

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Every website visit is tracked, including details of how the contact found your website and which pages were visited. Any visitors from the same company that have not yet been identified are also tracked as anonymous, giving you an excellent indication of overall account engagement

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Match messaging to interest using activity based segmentation

Using website activity as a segmentation variable allows you to send very targeted and effective messaging at exactly the right time.

Contacts who visited website within last 1 days

AND   whose search term was Competitor A

AND   who visited the ABC product page

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Get notified when leads are active

If a lead is actively engaging with your website, that’s usually a good signal of interest and a good time to follow up with them. The Tracker instantly notifies you of any website visits from known contacts and even anonymous contacts from the same account.

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Monitor Your Website Performance

Get a high level overview of your website activity and historical trends including conversion rates and visitor sources.

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Roll up all contact interactions to measure account level engagement

For any B2B deal, there are usually multiple decision makers involved. That’s why we roll all of the contact (known and anonymous) activity up to the account level, giving you an overall view of everything going on with each account.

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Affordable and Powerful

GleanView offers a full-featured powerful CRM for an affordable price.

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