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Track and manage customer lifecycle from initial inquiry to repeat purchase

  • Account-Based structure puts every account detail and interaction in one place
  • Customize account view using by adding unlimited custom fields of any type
  • View every calendar event past and future associated with each account in one place
  • Track overall account stats to understand account engagement


See all of the key data about your company/team/territory in one place

  • Accurately forecast sales over any time period
  • Customize sales stages and probability to match your sales process
  • Track opportunity specific details and interactions in one place

Project Management

Easily manage project tasks and deadlines for current customers

  • Projects include same functionality as accounts and opportunities - notes, project calendar widget, customizable stages
  • Use projects for help desk tickets, cases, order management, issue management, warranty, and field service


See all of the key data about your company/team/territory in one place

  • View month to date performance for several key indicators
  • View today‚Äôs appointments at a glance
  • Track key company performance indicators like sales, website visitors, and new accounts
  • Forecast sales opportunity pipeline widget
  • Stream recent activity such as new accounts or opportunities in real time

History and AutoLogging

Aggregate every account interaction in one searchable, filterable place

  • Eliminate manual data entry with auto logging of office calls and emails
  • GleanView automatically cross-references your accounts' IP addresses with our web tracker and logs the pages your leads and customers visit
  • Easily log notes, cellphone calls, and meetings


Never let a follow up slip through the cracks

  • Visualize all tasks, calls, followups, meetings and events in an easy-to-use calendar. Click below to switch views.
  • Tasks and meetings can be created and assigned to other team members
  • Tasks and meetings can be created and assigned to other team members
  • View other team members calendars to collaborate on accounts


Get real time notifications of upcoming events, new accounts, and website activity of contacts

  • Notifications can be configured to be in-app, email, or both

Sales Activity

Manage your sales team using key performance metrics and leaderboards

  • Track historical trends in sales performance across all metrics
  • Analyze over 25 metrics to determine which ones correlate with sales success
  • Compare teams and individual sales people against each other and company averages

Account Analytics

Analyze account and opportunity metrics across multiple criteria

  • Compare historical trends for leads
  • Track conversion rates from lead to customer
  • Quickly visualize leads and accounts across different metrics

Permissions and Teams

Customize user access to any module within GleanView

  • Use roles to assign pre-defined sets of permissions to any user
  • Set access permissions to User only, Team, All, or None for any module
  • Define standard dashboards for different user roles


Create professional and customizable quotes

  • Create quotes from predefined items or custom items with custom descriptions and pricing
  • Quote fields include line item discount, quantity, shipping, and tax


Access your CRM anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

  • Quickly view today's tasks and events on your dashboard as soon as you login
  • Access account information on the go prior to a meeting with a client
  • Access company calendar and see everyone's tasks and events for that day

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