Account Based Everything

Why stop at just ABM?


Your company sells to businesses and you need a way to focus all of your sales and marketing efforts at the account level, rather than on individual contacts or leads.

GleanView Solutions

Accounts are the central records in GleanView and everything else is built around them. When your sales and marketing teams are working on the same account level profiles with the same data, alignment between the two teams becomes natural.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Use GleanView Campaigns to focus your marketing efforts at the account level, rather than individual person leads. Send coordinated account level messaging to every contact in the account.

Account Based Sales Development (ABSD)

Use GleanView Prospecting to find specific accounts that meet your ideal customer profile and then pull in ideal buyers from those accounts. Compose your outbound sales messaging with an account focus and individualize for specific contacts within the account.

Account Based Sales (ABS)

Use GleanView Sales to focus your sales efforts around accounts. By tracking everything at the account level, your team will be able to realize the full account potential, rather than just zeroing in on specific deals.

Account Based Everything (ABE)

Get sales and marketing on the same platform working hand-in-hand on the same accounts and that’s when the magic happens. That’s what GleanView can do for you, not just ABM or ABS, but Account Based Everything.

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