Inbound Leads

Don’t let your hard fought lead volume increase go to waste!


Inbound leads are rolling in and you need a way to get the hottest leads into the hands of the right sales people immediately and a way to nurture the rest of the leads until they are sales-ready.

GleanView Solutions


Map your webforms in GleanView and have form submissions automatically import and create new accounts and contacts.


Segment your inbound leads using any combination of activity and demographics. Segments are dynamic and automatically add any contacts that meet the segment criteria.

Assignment Rules

Automatically assign the sales-ready leads to different sales people based on round robin or any rule you set up.


Automatically notify sales people of new leads assigned to them and create a task on their calendar for follow up.

Automatically nurture the non-sales-ready leads with a series of timed, personalized emails.

If the non-sales-ready lead engages, it can be automatically moved to the sales-ready segment and assigned to sales. If it does not engage, it can be automatically moved to a long term nurture campaign.

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Our Users Love Us!

GleanView is very powerful because of the way it allows businesses to integrate the marketing and sales process in one solution.

"There are a myriad of ways to automate marketing campaigns that are directly tied to the sales cycle, allowing your marketing to fully support and enhance the sales team’s efforts — and improve the customer relationship.The analytics, reporting and search capabilities are robust, but also easy to use. It should be the first tool salespeople review every morning because of the task management and calendar features and to keep track of what’s happening with their leads."

Laura Harris

Chief Creator & Business Strategist at Create On Call LLC

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