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You need to generate more qualified leads. You need a way to scale managing and nurturing those leads to conversion.

GleanView Solutions

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Find targeted new leads using rich filters and our built in database of 32M decision makers and 13M companies

Set up Auto Prospecting rules to automatically source new accounts and contacts and distribute them to your team every morning.

Identify the companies visiting your website even when they don’t submit a form and turn them into new leads

Track and get notified of known and unknown website visitor behavior and relate to buyer intent.

Account Activity Table

Map your existing website forms to GleanView fields to have accounts and contacts automatically created when someone submits a form.

Set up assignment rules to distribute new leads according to territory, round robin or any criteria you can imagine.

Feed new leads from any source directly into automated sales sequences (a predetermined series of calls and personal emails) to accelerate and scale your outreach and sales development process.

Or feed new leads from any source directly into an automated email campaign to nurture them until they show enough engagement to be sales ready.

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