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You’re getting lots of visitors to your website (Good Job!) , but only a small percentage of them are converting into leads. The ones that do convert don’t come with any website tracking history, so you’re missing out on valuable buying signals. All of the other web visitors that you worked so hard to get to your site just leave without even saying goodbye.

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Website Visitor Tracking

Once you install the GleanView tracking code snippet on your website, all of your website visitor sessions are logged. Once a visitor submits a website form or clicks on a campaign email, that visitor’s web browsing session and all of their previous browsing sessions are attached to the contact record that is created in GleanView. Additionally, any other visitors from the same IP address are logged under the account for that contact as anonymous visitors. All of these visits, along with email sends, opens and clicks are rolled up at the contact and account level into an overall engagement stat. This complete activity history gives your sales team incredible insight into the contact’s interests and pain points and results in highly productive sales calls.

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Anonymous Visitor Identification

OK, but what about the 97% of visitors that don’t ever fill out a web form? GleanView uses proprietary technology to identify those visitors at the company level. We can’t identify all of them (no one can!), but we can get reliable intel on a good percentage of them, resulting in a steady stream of net-new warm leads. We not only give you the company name, but also revenue, # of employees, SIC / Industry Codes and general contact information. It’s like having caller-id for your website.

Real Time Alerts

Use GleanView Sales to focus your sales efforts around accounts. By tracking everything at the account level, your team will be able to realize the full account potential, rather than just zeroing in on specific deals.

Visitor Analytics

Get a high level overview of your website activity and historical trends without having to wade through the complexity of Google Analytics.

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