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The Problem

Katheryn Lee from Western was on a mission. She was looking to find a quoting solution for her company that would easily allow them to show “products in a digestible manner” to their customers. She needed something that would “save the viewer time in vetting the products.” 

We originally were sending quotes that were essentially a block of text: it was hard to read, didn’t show product parameters, and required the viewer to search for the part number and spec sheet themselves. My team works with architects and lighting designers, so it’s crucial to have product images and data sheets readily available. Being able to send something visual with the information and links laid out makes the entire process so much easier.” Katheryn Lee, Western Lighting and Energy Controls

Katheryn was concerned that finding the right solution was going to require a tremendous amount of time and effort on her part as well as her team to implement. After a month of website searches and reading up on the latest software reviews, she stumbled onto a solution that would not only exceed their needs as a company but put an end to the exhaustive search process.

The Solution

Katheryn clicked to request a demo of GleanQuote and within minutes of seeing the software during a screenshare knew she had found exactly what she was looking for.

For Western, “Each customer base requires a different type of pricing and information needed. We love how GleanQuote provides a database for pertinent information (links, images, product information, base pricing, etc.). Then, using the drag-and-drop layouts, price list calculations, and template creation, we can change what we need per-quote and per-customer. The ease of usage has also blown me away. Many of our team members are constantly on the road, so having a program that is 1) cloud-based, 2) mobile-friendly, and 3) user-intuitive makes GleanQuote a huge win for us. “

GleanQuote was designed specifically for companies that need a real pricing database for products and services. Having found her perfect solution, Katheryn’s only question now was how much time and effort would they need to get everything onboarded and set up for the team to start using. The result was much easier and smoother than even she could have anticipated.


The Result

“The beauty of GleanQuote is how interchangeable and flexible the program is. The HTML portions give you an additional area for personalization, both on the item and proposal level. You can import items and account information just fine.

Even though we were adding a lot of photos and links manually, I don’t see the manual input process as an issue … Any good program being used requires at least a couple weeks of navigation and set up before it’s deemed well enough to use (aesthetic and information-wise). GleanQuote’s features are straight-forward and easy to navigate/edit. Once you have an idea of how you want your items and proposals to look, it will be a breeze to set up. If you don’t, GleanQuote provides some handy templates to reference. They also have helpful video and article tutorials to reference, and if all else fails, you’ll get an email back from support within the next business day (most likely within a few hours). 

Once I had my products and proposal templates set up, the rest of my proposal process has been a piece of cake. 

One of the best parts of working with the GleanQuote team is their flexibility and willingness to listen. We had some specific needs in the way proposals were shared. Instead of seeing this as a roadblock, GleanQuote listened and came up with solutions within the week!

Katheryn Lee, Western Lighting and Energy Controls

  • Using GleanQuote has saved Western hours of work per customer and has allowed them to be even more successful in their sales.
  • According to Katheryn Lee, “We are able to close a sale 2 to 3 days faster with GleanQuote”. The ability to shave 30% off of their previous closing timeframe results in happier customers and more business.

If you would like to see how GleanQuote can be the right fit for your company too, click here to request a demo.