The success of all of your sales efforts hinges on that last piece of crucial information you provide to your customers — The Quote.  It could be the culmination of months worth of work, and probably only takes up a single page of your proposal. Get it right and your customers get value and your company gets profit.  Get it wrong and you might lose the deal or even worse, you could lose reputation and money.

And yet, there’s been very little innovation around making the actual quoting process easier and smarter.  There are a dozen software solutions out there that try to lay claim to solving this problem, but most simply create a nice-looking proposal wrapper around the quote table. They neglect the core problem of putting intelligence and automation into the most critical piece of the sales puzzle – selecting the right scope and the right price that perfectly balances deal profit and customer value.

So, how can a Smart Quoting system like GleanQuote drive more profit than an ordinary, brainless one?

  • It can automate pricing, from volume pricing to customer-specific / tiered pricelists to complex, conditional pricing.  No more spreadsheets.  No more manual calculations.  It’s completely mistake-proof so you don’t ever have to worry about selling at the wrong price.

  • It can automate the approval process, from simple threshold approvals to multi-approver and multi-conditional approvals.  Nothing ever gets sent to the customer before it’s been checked by the right people.

  • It can guide your reps to the right product / service selection with pre-configured filters that quickly narrow down solution choices for any given customer need.

  • It can guide your reps to upsell and cross-sell opportunities that can increase deal or margin size and customer value.

  • It can guide your reps through bundling opportunities that can increase deal or margin size and customer value.

  • It can guide your reps through product configurations and customizations.  It’s like having a product expert sitting over their shoulder coaching them to the best solution.

  • It can track and control discounting so that you don’t have to worry about over-discounting and missed margin targets.

  • It can automatically offer sales tips at every stage of quote creation that can help sharpen the deal and increase your win probability.

  • It can automatically remind customers to review and sign a quote and track and notify you when they do so no one falls through the cracks.

  •  It can automatically select the right pre-configured solution template (including line items and pricing) based on any set of conditions so your reps don’t have to start from scratch for every deal.  It’s like having a winning quoting playbook for every situation.


If you are not using a Smart Quoting system like GleanQuote, you are losing money both in terms of revenue and margin. Ordinary quoting software lacks automation and intelligence and is prone to allowing mistakes and missed opportunities.  

If you want to win more and protect your bottom line, you need a smarter solution that can efficiently flow the collective product and pricing wisdom gleaned from the experts in your company down to the individual sales reps producing quotes.