Spoiler alert.  These aren’t really secrets.  But most companies aren’t doing these two critical things well, and that is stopping them from winning more deals.

1. Make it easy for your team to get winning proposals in front of customers
2. Make it easy for your customers to say yes

Stop and think about all of the hoops you make your team and your customers jump through to get to a closed deal.  Map your process out starting from customer needs identified to closed deal. How much are the inefficiencies in your proposal process costing your company?

Old School Way (2-3 days if all goes well):  

  • Sales rep goes cube to cube asking co-workers where to find the most current price lists
  • Types everything in a word document or excel spreadsheet.  
  • Misses a couple of decimal places in the pricing due to manual typing and adds wrong discount.  
  • Cuts and pastes outdated terms and conditions stored on computer from 3 years ago.  
  • Types own product descriptions with a couple of misspellings
  • Gets an incorrect billing and shipping address from customer’s website.
  • Saves as PDF and emails as attachment to customer.  
  • Customer prints pdf, manually signs (probably misses a few key signature spots), 
  • Customer finds a fax machine or scanner by going back in time to 2004
  • Customer faxes or emails signed proposal back to the rep.  
  • Rep does a dance because it’s a small miracle any signed proposal actually makes it back
  • Rep finds out nothing is right and has to start process all over again.


GleanQuote Way (5-10 minutes)

  • Sales rep creates proposal in GleanQuote using pre-approved, branding perfect template
  • Accurate customer specific pricing and product descriptions are added with a few clicks
  • Accurate billing and shipping info is pulled into proposal from account automatically
  • Online proposal link is emailed to the customer who then e-signs from anywhere on any device. Deal is closed, rep is automatically notified.  Customer happy. Rep happy.



The more friction you remove from the proposal process, the faster your deals will close and the happier your sales team and customers will be. Learn More about GleanQuote