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Create winning quotes and proposals in minutes and close more deals faster with automation including e-sign and online payments.

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Proposal Builder

Use our drag and drop visual builder to create professional proposals and sales quotations that are automatically transformed into unique web pages for viewing and e-signing by your customers. Proposals can be automatically personalized using field variables that are populated with data from each account/contact.

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Product Catalog/Pricing
Easily store and manage your product/service catalog and use it to generate accurate quotations, either standalone or part of a proposal document.
Advanced quoting tools include:
Multiple price lists and customer specific pricing
Controls over who can change pricing and product information
Cost / Margin calculations at the product and quote level
Advanced product search during quote creation
Custom product creation on the fly during quote creation
Product / Supplier Management
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Input Fields

Add form fields to your proposal to collect additional information besides signature and payment. This might include Billing Contact, Purchase Order Number, Comment or any other information you need to collect to process your signed proposal.

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E-Signature and Payment

Close deals faster by allowing your customers to e-sign your proposals and pay online. Unlimited signers can be included in each proposal. Payments can range from partial payment deposits up to full proposal amount.

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Every time someone views or signs your proposal, detailed tracking information is recorded in the proposal record and you get a real time email notification.

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Automatic email reminders are sent to each person signing or paying a proposal until it is complete or expired. You set the reminder schedule and then let our Gleanbots do the follow up work for you.

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Template / Content Library

Create a library of templates, images and saved content sections that can be accessed by your team to speed up proposal creation. Create unlimited custom templates. Control who can create / edit templates and lock approved content sections to eliminate mistakes.

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Account Based CRM

The core of all of the GleanView products is our account based CRM. GleanQuote includes everything you need to keep track of all of your customer data and also use the data to automatically personalize your proposals and quotes

  • Dashboard
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Projects
  • Opportunities
  • Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • User Management
  • Saved Custom Views
  • Roles/Permissions
  • Assignment Rules
  • Tags
  • Bulk Edit
  • Bulk Import
  • Bulk Export

Like all GleanView products, GleanQuote integrates directly with Salesforce. Create new quotes/proposals in GleanQuote using data from your Accounts / Contacts in Salesforce. Synch proposal summary and activity history back into Salesforce.

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Automate payment collection for a true quote to cash solution.

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