• Everything from medical to commercial equipment
  • Use Bundling to make sure nothing is missed
  • UpSell / CrossSell / Sales Tips help increase sales
  • Product Media Widget for best-in-class proposals
  • Manage inventory and stock levels and rules
  • Use price lists to make sure every customer gets their price
  • From simple commercial to complex industrial machinery with multiple options
  • Configure and Price Quickly and Accurately
  • Quote in any currency and language
  • Track inventory of all components and allow swapping with UpSell/CrossSell
  • Use Approval Rules for speed and accuracy
Hardware and Software
  • SaaS, IT Services and Solutions
  • Use subscription, tiered, bundle, proration and recurring pricing to quote the perfect price
  • Use configurable products and services to quote the perfect scope for any client
  • Use customizable templates to send professional proposals quickly
Automated Pricing

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