Machinery and Equipment
  • Everything from medical equipment to large industrial machines
  • Configure and price quickly and accurately
  • Embed product media files directly in quote and proposal
  • Quote in any currency and language
  • Track inventory at the kit and component level
  • Set Approval Rules to automate approval routing
Software and Technology
  • SaaS, IT Services and Solutions
  • Use subscription, tiered, bundle, proration and recurring pricing to quote the perfect price
  • Use configurable products and services to quote the perfect scope for any client
  • Use customizable templates to send professional proposals quickly
Automated Pricing
Embed product selection
Construction Contractors
  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing and Specialty
  • Create professional templates and send for e-sign in minutes
  • Quote any combination of products and services with the right price every time
  • Include optional add-ons on quotes and let customers choose
Embed product selection

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