Make it easy for your team to produce a perfect quote and easy for your customers to say YES.

Product Catalog

Keep all of your product or service descriptions and pricing stored and ready to go in GleanQuote. Add custom fields and tags to help you organize everything.

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Quote Builder

Build an accurate, customer specific quote in minutes using the drag and drop quote builder. Add products using advanced search for any product field. Don’t stop with just the quote table - - add other saved content likes terms, product sheets, project schedule or your company description with just a few clicks.

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Pricing Controls

Customizable user permissions and roles allow you to control pricing discounts. Create customer or group specific price lists that control the pricing of items in quotes. Control whether team members are allowed to view cost and margin information for items and quotes.

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E-Sign and E-Payment

Add unlimited signature blocks to your proposals and include any combination of signers from your customer as well as from your company. Use Stripe integration to automatically collect payment from customers upon contract signing.

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Make it easy for your team to create perfect quotes.

Make it easy for your customers to say YES!

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