Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Configure highly customized solutions in minutes
  • Product/Service catalog for a single source of truth for your products and pricing
  • Guided Product Selector (GPS) to steer reps in the right direction
  • Configurable product options and rules to enable the perfect customization
  • Inventory tracking to keep you from selling what you don't have
Automate pricing to eliminate mistakes
  • Price lists to manage pricing for your different customer types
  • Account Price lists to manage customer specific negotiated pricing
  • Volume, % of total, conditional, formula, recurring pricing for more complex needs
Automated Pricing
Embed product selection
Embed product selection and market/pricing intelligence directly into quote creation
  • Sales tips for having a built in expert at every decision point
  • Bundles to make sure nothing is left out
  • UpSell / CrossSell to sweeten the deal
  • Guided quoting to get to the right solution fast
Embed product selection

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