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No, we’re not talking about bean curd or a martial art - ToFu is an abbreviation for Top of the Funnel. It’s everything a business needs to do to acquire and convert more qualified leads and it’s usually listed as the #1 challenge for B2B businesses. GleanView helps your team dominate ToFu by enabling them with automations throughout the entire lead process from capture to conversion.

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An all-star line-up of lead automation tools on a single software platform. Let our automation superheros help you fill your funnel and grow your revenue.


Automate a consistent and persistent touch cadence for your sales team for both inbound lead follow up and outbound prospecting.

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Automate multi-step, highly personalized email campaigns to nurture leads until they are ready to engage with sales.

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Automate the creation of sales leads from anonymous companies visiting your website that don’t even fill out a form.

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Prospect Finder

Automate the sourcing and delivery of a steady flow of targeted prospect accounts and decision makers to each member of your team every day.

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You Don’t Need a Stack

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If you’re like most B2B companies, you are currently managing all the moving parts of your lead strategy with a bunch of different pieces of software. One program for email nurture, another for website visitor id, another for finding contact information, another for distributing leads -- the list can get quite long. Trying to make all of these individual point applications stack together into a cohesive platform can be a nightmare.

With GleanView, everything you need is in one seamless Lead Machine that enables targeting the right accounts with the right message at the right time. It all works together from day one, automating the details so your team can focus on strategy. You don’t need a software stack full of gaps and cracks, you just need GleanView!

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" Everyone in the company now has a unified view of the customer, from their first visit to our website, to their most recent phone or email interaction with one of our team members. Having this common, customer data platform has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and become more efficient at serving our customers."

Noah Margulies

GM of BYO Recreation


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