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  • Manage accounts, contacts, deals, quotes and projects
  • Keep track of every account detail and interaction in one place
  • Schedule events and tasks and get notified of upcoming meetings
  • Customize virtually every view to fit your exact sales process
  • Integration with G-Suite and Outlook 365
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What Makes GleanView Better

Focuses on Accounts

Successful B2B teams sell to Accounts, not individual leads. GleanView is built from the ground up as an Account Based Sales and Marketing platform. Every detail and interaction is focused on a unified Account view, giving your team the insight it needs to effectively sell into complex B2B organizations.

Aligns Team on One Platform

GleanView gets your sales, marketing and service teams all on the same platform, working on the same accounts from lead to repeat customer. Having everyone aligned around a common account view eliminates disjointed customer data and results in a better customer experience and more sales.

Adapts to Your Needs

Your team shouldn’t have to adjust their sales process to fit the standard schema of a software platform. Unlimited custom fields and completely customizable layouts make GleanView highly adaptable to most use cases and selling models, including inbound marketing, outbound prospecting, key account management, or partner distribution.

Empowers Data Driven Decisions

GleanView consolidates all of your customer data into one platform and gives your team the tools to easily turn that data into deep insight. Graphs, reports, dashboards - slice and dice customer and sales activity data using hundreds of combinations of metrics. Glean actionable insight from every aspect of the customer journey.

Our Users Love Us!

" Everyone in the company now has a unified view of the customer, from their first visit to our website, to their most recent phone or email interaction with one of our team members. Having this common, customer data platform has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and become more efficient at serving our customers."

Noah Margulies

GM of BYO Recreation



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