Easily create proposals
Easily create proposals
  • Automatic generation of Web page and PDF documents
  • Multiple quote tables for complex proposals
  • Multiple signature blocks for all those decision makers
  • Merge fields to eliminate retyping and mistakes
  • Video, images, tables, grids, rich text to make the right impression
Easily create proposals
Create a library of your templates and sales content that can be quickly accessed and customized
  • Content management controls to prevent unapproved changes
  • Tags, filters and rules to guide reps to the right template or content
  • Saved quote tables including products and pricing that can be used for an instant quote
Library of templates
Option choices
Give your customers curated choices for options directly on the web page proposal
  • Choices set by user in the quote editor and selected by customer on the web page proposal
  • Choice for individual items, entire sections, or even whole quote tables
  • Option types for Choose one or Choose any
  • Pricing totals automatically updated based on customer choices
Option choices

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