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GleanView is the only Account-Based, Sales and Marketing software stack that is completely configurable to fit your company’s unique needs. Our family of products addresses B2B sales and marketing challenges from top to bottom of the funnel by harnessing the power of automations and focusing on doing more with less. They can be used together to create a seamless platform, or can be plugged into your existing software to fill gaps and extend functionality.

Our Story

Founder and CEO Bill Calhoun started his career as a mechanical engineer designing military jet engines. In 1999, as a side hustle, he decided to start an internet business selling playground equipment. Soon he realized that he was a much more passionate entrepreneur than an employee and decided to quit his corporate job and focus all of his efforts on building his start-up internet company. Over the years, he added two other B2B companies to his portfolio.

Like many innovations, GleanView started out of necessity. To grow his companies, Bill knew that an efficient process of managing customers and prospects was needed. Having tried virtually every CRM available and not being satisfied, he and his team decided to build a better solution. They took all of their first hand knowledge of B2B sales and marketing and created something that was superior to anything else in the marketplace, which became the framework for the GleanView platform.

Having validated GleanView in his own companies, Bill decided to spin the technology off into a separate venture that could bring the product into the marketplace. He subsequently sold his other companies in order to continue funding the development and today GleanView is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and is on a continuing mission to empower B2B teams with software focused around finding and developing lifelong customers.

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