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Why we were looking for a solution?

We sell platform solutions with the ability to purchase stand-alone modules. It can be complicated when parsing out SaaS and transactional rates. Each carries a different style of billing which requires separate reporting to their respective groups.

We needed the ability to easily create quotes for modern technology buyers.

Our CRM Quoting tool was not able to support our products and referred us to GleanQuote by GleanView.

How has GleanQuote helped us?

With GleanQuote we are able to separate quotes by product category and integrate them with the CRM correctly including discounts and line item changes.

Before GleanQuote, we were creating reports in word documents that were then transferred to many different leaders in the company for the various rates.

Our biggest challenge was that quotes were taking a long time based on the process.

GleanQuote was able to help us significantly decrease quote preparation time which has resulted in more wins.

A couple of times we pushed GleanQuote to its maximum capability. Still, Dennis at GleanQuote accommodated our needs by working with their development team to add quick improvements so the tool fit our processes like a glove.


What do we like about GleanQuote?

Ability to standardize a complicated product library
Speed up the quote creation process
Professional quotes for our customers
Happier sales reps
Great support

Were there any challenges?

As with most new solutions, there was a learning curve. Also, understanding and selecting the best way to organize the product and pricing library in GleanQuote to make sure it communicated directly to our CRM in the most optimal fashion was our only real hurdle.

However, with help for onboarding, development, and support, GleanQuote made it seem easy.


If you would like to see how GleanQuote can be the right fit for your company too, click here to request a demo.