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GleanView is the only Account-Based, Sales and Marketing software stack that is completely configurable to fit your company’s unique needs. Our family of products addresses B2B sales and marketing challenges from top to bottom of the funnel by harnessing the power of automations and focusing on doing more with less. They can be used together to create a seamless platform, or can be plugged into your existing software to fill gaps and extend functionality.

Our Story

Founder and CEO Bill Calhoun knows firsthand the challenges of running a small to medium B2B business. Having started and operated four of them over the past 20 years, he learned that software and automation are the key to scaling and winning.

Frustrated by the gap in what software companies offered and what businesses really needed to be successful, he and his team developed GleanView - first as an internal tool and then later as a product. The mission was to level the playing field by making enterprise-grade technology accessible to small and medium businesses. They focused on making GleanView Easy, Powerful and Affordable. And today GleanView is on that same mission to empower all B2B teams with software focused around finding and developing lifelong customers.

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