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Founder and CEO Bill Calhoun knows firsthand the challenges with running an equipment and machinery business. After starting his career as a mechanical engineer for a jet engine manufacturer, he went on to found and lead one of the largest commercial playground equipment distributors.

Because playground equipment is highly customizable and configurable, Bill and his team initially set out to find software that could handle complex quoting and proposals. After not finding any solutions, they decided to build the initial version of GleanQuote themselves.

GleanQuote was officially born when the playground equipment company was acquired, and Bill decided to focus solely on helping sales teams with configuration, pricing and proposal challenges.

For many companies, the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) process is a manual and inefficient process, prone to costly mistakes and consuming hours of a sales person's time. GleanQuote enables your team to create, send and close complex quotes and proposals in minutes. Forget about messy pricing spreadsheets and proposal PDFs. Give your team the power of GleanQuote. Sales and margins will go up. Wasted time and mistakes will go down.

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