GleanView CRM Services

Augment Your Team with Our Team.



Every new account receives three hours of onboarding training. During these onboarding sessions, one of our Customer Success Managers will provide your team with training and customization support. Of course, free ongoing support is always available for as long as you are a customer.


Custom Training

Some customers need customized training programs outside the scope of initial onboarding. This could consist of additional training sessions for larger organizations, customizing GleanView for a very specific workflow, or importing complex/large data sets.


Predictive Marketing Campaigns

Put our data scientists and creative marketers to work on designing and executing integrated digital campaigns to help your team with everything from acquiring new leads to Predictive Lead Scoring to recovering abandoned shopping carts.


Custom Integrations

Our engineers are experts in integrating GleanView with ERP, Phone, and Accounting systems. These integrations flow customer information back and forth between GleanView and your existing application, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry or manual logging of information.