Account Management

CRM functionality without the classic CRM hassle.


Your customer data is scattered all over the place, so it’s hard to know the best next steps to grow each account.

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Account History

Every interaction including phone calls, notes, emails, meetings and orders are all logged in one place and rolled up to the account level. Your entire company becomes aligned around a common account view from lead to repeat customer.


More account data equals better segmentation. When you have complete and detailed customer profiles, you can use Segments to help you target the right messaging and support to the right customers.

Account Calendar

Always know exactly what’s going on by using the Account Calendar to quickly see every call or meeting scheduled with any of the contacts at each of your accounts. This account level roll up gives you a 360 degree view of every interaction scheduled with your account from any of your team members.


Get real time notifications when anyone from one of your accounts visits your website or submits a new webform. Use these as triggers for follow up.


Use Campaigns or Sequences to automatically initiate account actions when trigger events happen. For example, key accounts that haven’t been contacted in 30 days can trigger a task on the account owner’s calendar to follow up. Or accounts that have been on your website looking at your pricing page in the last 24 hours could trigger a follow up call by the account manager.


Have scheduled reports automatically emailed to you for things like account notes generated, accounts that have been contacted, neglected accounts, accounts purchases -- or any data you need to manage your customers. Make sure no accounts are left behind.

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Gleanview is an excellent tool for any business trying to manage and grow customer relationships.

"As a small business, it is so important for us to maintain communication with our current clients and also continually be reaching out to potential new clients. Gleanview allows us to do just that. All of our users can easily go to the dashboard to see an overview of our accounts, sales and opportunities. Our sales team can track communication and appointments with their clients quickly and the management team can view the progression of the account. We can customize reports as needed, which we use in various elements of our business, from tracking where our best leads come from, to ensuring that we keep in contact former clients."

Carissa Quinteros

Office Manager at Advanced Furniture Solutions

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